About us

We are a family owned pecan farm and apiary on 15 acres in Scott, AR about 18 miles east of downtown Little Rock.  

 Spencer & Sons honey is made by God and happy bees; we just collect it.  No chemicals or pesticides are ever used.  Our bees are raised with love.They forage on various blooms in the fields and bayous of the Arkansas River lowlands of southeastern Pulaski County. We increase our bee hives by splitting the hives when the bees swarm in the spring.  This method of increasing the bee population also naturally interrupts the life cycle of damaging pests. Spencer & Sons raw honey is only minimally filtered (to remove bee parts) and never heated to preserve maximal nutritional value. We use the wax cappings to make our Bee’s Wax Lip Balm.

The pecans start falling in November.  We harvest, dry them by hand and then shell them immediately, bringing this year’s pecan harvest to you at the peak of its quality.

We thank you for your business!